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Re-gelled topsides

Iris Elizabeth

Iris Elizabeth built in fibreglass to go oyster dredging in the Carrick Roads after being used almost continuously for dredging since she was built, her new owner purchased her knowing a major refit was needed. Work undertaken by ourselves included: Stripping the boat of all its fixtures and fittings. Lowering the working platform. Stripping all surfaces …

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Arlette is a 20ft length on deck gaff cutter, year of build and builder unknown. Acquired by her current owners as payment for a debt 20 years ago and has been stored at the back of a shed ever since. In October 2014 the choice was clear for her, breaking her up or a re-build. The …

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          Iris is a Westerman 40 designed by Nigel Irens and built by Covey Island Boatworks in strip plank epoxy. Bought by David speculatively as effectively an insurance ‘right off’ with serious rot in her port hand topsides, decks, cockpit, mast step and keel. After hours while working for Cockwells David part re-built …

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